About Flutter Letterpress

Hey there!  I'm Liz, the owner and girl behind it all here at Flutter Letterpress.  I started printing wedding invitations in 2009 (some of my clients still work with me today!) - it was an insane endeavor at the time because I had zero, I mean nada, experience running a letterpress machine before that time.  In my whole life, I had maybe seen 1 or 2 of these tops, but suddenly, my husband-to-be found the perfect press somewhere in Chicago and had it shipped all the way to our home in Boston.  And I learned.  I learned a lot!  I taught myself for a whole year, every day, before I took on my first client.  And YA’LL – I was in LOVE!
In 2011, I rebranded myself to Flutter Letterpress & Design Co. picked up another 2 (huge!) presses, took days-long intensive classes with other fabulous printers, and now I work on all kinds of fun, bright greeting cards, branding/marketing for other companies, personal holiday cards, AND still work with my gorgeous brides on their weddings!  To say this is a dream come true would be an understatement. 
When I’m not creating the next craft-pile-mess in my office, you’ll often find me with my husband, 2 active kiddos and 1 silly Great Dane (her name is Chevy, dodged a bullet there when my daughter REALLY fought for Mrs. Wiggles) in Rolesville, North Carolina.